High Power LED 1W

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High power LED 1W Features:
High power LED 1W maximum junction temperature :120 ℃, high brightness,low thermal resistance, being in line with RoHS, high temperature (70 ℃, 70%),it can  keep  working from trouble for 5000Hrs.  The light failure per 1000Hrs less than 1%,the normal life can be up to 60,000 hours.
High-power LED 1W Typical applications: High-power LED 1W widely used for general illumination, contour LED lights, garden LED lights, ceiling LED  lights, decorative LED  lights, architectural LED lighting, LED street lamps and so on.

High power LED 1W Product parameters:

Part Number EmittedColor Vf(v) IF=350mA
Lens-Color Wave Length(nm) Luminous Intensity
Angle 2θ
TY-HR1-1 Red 1.80-2.80 Water Clear 620-630 35~45LM 120
TY-HY1-2 Yellow 1.80-2.80 Water Clear 585-595 40~50LM 120
TY-HB1-3 Blue 3.20-3.80 Water Clear 460.5-470 20~25LM 120
TY-HG1-4 Green 3.20-3.80 Water Clear 520-530 65~70LM 120
High Power LED 1W                             High Power LED 1W 

High Power LED 1W
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