LED 100W

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LED 100W High Power Products:
LED 100W High Power: SMD-type shape,120-degree wide viewing angle .
LED 100W High power LED technology in the heat dissipation is not mature. But it is making progress. High power LED 100W is  continuing to occupy the market. The outdoor lamps are used for street lamps.
LED 100W High power Specifications and Color temperature: 3000-3300K, 5700-6300K.  Brightness: 11000-13000Lm.
Voltage: 32-36V. Chip brand: Taiwan Jing 45x45mil
LED 100W
Product Parameters:
Part Number Emitted Color Vf(V)  Lens-Color Wave Length(nm) Brightness(LM)
TY-HWW100 Warm White 32-36V Water Clear 3000-3300K 11000-13000lm 120
TY-HNW100 Neutral White 32-36V Water Clear 5900-6300K 11000-13000lm 120
TY-HCW100 Cold White 32-36V Water Clear 6300-7000K 11000-13000lm 120

LED 100W High power Limit parameter table:
Parameters Symbol Value Units
Power consumption PD 95 W
Forward current IF 2800 MA
Pulse current Irdc 4000 MA
Reverse Voltage VR 5 V
Operatingtemperature Topr -30+85 °c
Storage Temperature Tsgd -40+100 °c

Using high-power lamp beads should be noted:
1.High-power lamp beads need to coat thermal plastic to make a good heat dissipation.( Thermal plastic is very important)
2.Or add a large aluminum plate to increase the heat dissipation area.
3.Aluminum cooling temperature is lower than 60 ° C
4.Be sure to add cooling gel to contact aluminum with the frame well.
5. Aluminum is also very important to lamps. Point to good quality, good heat dissipation.
We will do our best to provide more excellent quality and service for you.
LED 100W High Power LED Precautions:
1. good heat dissipation.
2. correct current and voltage.
3. Use high-quality constant current power supply.

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