LED 5W Light Bulb

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Features of LED 5W Light Bulb: 
1.LED bulb flat cluster package,and the radiator and lamp holder integration design.Fully protect the high-power LED light bulb's cooling requirements and service life, LED bulbs can use in low thermal voltage,safe and reliable.Surface temperature ≤ 60 ℃ (ambient temperature Ta = 25 ℃ pm);
2.High power LED 5W Light Bulb uses super bright high power LED bulb light source, with high-efficiency power supply, power-saving than traditional incandescent over 90%,ten times of the same power under the incandescent lamp brightness;
3.LED lamp's life is 50,000 hours or more,and 50 times more than the traditional tungsten.
4.High power LED light bulb environment friendly.Does not have lead,mercury and other pollution elements,there is no pollution to the environment.
5.LED 5W Light Bulbs luminous efficiency of up to 801m / W,a variety of color temperature options:white,warm white, high color-rendering index,the color is good.
6.High power LED bulbs choose the common standard lamp holder E27,GU10,can directly replace existing halogen bulbs and common energy-saving lamps .
 Product Certifications:
Certificate Standard: ROHS
Certificate Number:
Issue Date:
Issued By: SEM
Scope/Range: Safety of Electronic Equipment

LED 5W Light Bulb          LED 5W Light Bulb



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