LED Projector Light 50W

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LED Projector Light 50W specifications:
1. Gobo projector for projecting gobos
2. 50 watt LED light source: operating temp. 26 degrees
3. Lamp life: 40,000 burning hour
4. Color temperature 6000 celvin, 6000 lm
5. Quality of optics with the opening angle of 25 degrees.
6. E-size gobos diameter: 37.5 mm, 25 mm visible
7. Gobo rotator
8. Projection 2 meters under normal circumstances,
9. Projection: one meter 1550 lux
10 Extruded aluminum housing
11. Power consumption: 60 watts
12. Dimensions: 300 x 200 x 200mm
13. Weight: 2. kg
LED Projector Light 50W Product Description:
1. All-aluminum metal shell, high structural strength, painting or sandblasting process, colors: black, silver, white.
2. And air-cooled heat exchanger tube technology that allows the chip keep cool, maximize chip illumination, greatly extend the life of the chip.
3.Imported Cree CREE high power LED chips, 5 wide-angle lens, the image clear and natural, imaging length is greater than 50%, the image area of ​​more than 1 times
4. The pattern can be rotated, with a switch control
5.Light projection direction can be adjusted
6. Can project a pattern projection content can be customized, you can manually replace pattern
Lens parameters:
20 degrees away from the lens and the imaging length ratio is 1: 0.35, that is one meter projection 0.35 m, 1.05 m 3 m projection, and so on.
15 degrees Lens 1: 0.25,25 degree lens is 1: 0.45, the default uses a 20 degree lens.
Suitable places:
Chinese and Western restaurants, cafes, tea shops, cinemas, private clubs, bars, dance halls, conferences and other places.
Installation method:
It can be placed on the table or floor, or ceiling mounted with screws on a ceiling or lock tie and thin wire tied to the keel.
With gobo projector, you can project your logo on the wall with a diameter of + / - 2 meters in normal conditions (500 lux ambient light), also used to project a logo in a shop or a museum. This projector project by one meter wide projection 1500 lux is a very good performance at a 50 watt CREE LED. Similar to a 200 halogen lamp 50 watt Cree LED guarantees a long lifetime and low energy consumption. He makes no noise so very useful in an office or in a museum. This projector become standard with a 25 degree lens opening, but there are also 20 degrees and 15 degrees lenses.
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