Power LED 1WR/G/B/Y

  • Model: TY-1w R,G,B.Y
  • 10000 Units in Stock

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Power LED 1W Products:
1.Power LED 1W red, yellow, blue, green features: power LED 1000Hrs’ photodegradation is less than 3%, high power LED lamp beads can be a continuous working for 5000Hrs. without trouble. 
2.Normal life is as long as 60,000 hours. High-power LED 1W maximum junction temperature: 120 ℃, high brightness, low thermal resistance,high power LED is in line with RoHS ,high temperature (70 ℃, 70%).
3.Power LED 1W Typical Applications: High-power LED 1W widely used for commercial art, product backlight. Hotel, KTV karaoke decoration, contour High-power LED lights, High-power LED garden lights, decorative LED lights.
power LED 1W Product Data Sheet:

Part Number
Emitted Color Vf(v) IF=350mA
Lens-Color Wave Length(nm) Luminous Intensity
Angle 2θ
TY-HR1-1.1 Red 1.80-2.80 Water Clear 620-630 30~40LM 120
TY-HY1-2.1 Yellow 1.80-2.80 Water Clear 585-595 30~40LM 120
TY-HB1-3.1 Blue 3.20-3.80 Water Clear 460.5-470 15~20LM 120
TY-HG1-4.1 Green 3.20-3.80 Water Clear 520-530 60~70LM 120

Customers can choose a variety of colors.

        High Power LED R/G/B/Y 1W     High Power LED R/G/B/Y 1W




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