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LED 2835 UV Lamp SMD 365/385/395nm

1. LED 2835 UV Lamp SMD 365/375/385/395/405nm parameter table:

Part Number

Emitted Color

Vf(v) IF=20mA
Lens-Color Wave Length(nm) Luminous Intensity
Angle 2θ
TY-2835KLP-P Pink 3.0-3.4V Transparent 395-405nm 0.01Lm 120
TY-2835KLP-Q Pink 3.0-3.4V Transparent 365-375nm 0.01Lm 120

2. UV LED Lamp SMD 2835 365-405nm Product Usage:
a. Banknote verification (RMB, US dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Euros, British pounds)
b. Leak detection of air conditioning and automotive circulation systems, special gases
c. Leakage inspection of oil and gas pipelines
d. Systematic examination, blood stains, inspection of the crime scene Fives Hunting treasure hunt, prospecting field exploration tool
e. Antique identification, jade jewelry inspection
f. Fluorescence reflection of special substances
g. Catamaran lamp
h. UV glue curing, nail lamp
i. Disinfection
j. Various fields such as plant growth.
h. Stage decoration

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