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UV LED curing spectrum-UVTaoYuan

UV LED curing lamp definition:
The ultraviolet LED curing lamp is a semiconductor light-emitting device that directly generates ultraviolet light, and emits light having a wavelength of 200 nm to 450 nm. Can be divided into two categories: LED UV point source and LED UV line surface source.
Characteristics of UV LED Curing Lamps Most manufacturers in China still use traditional UV mercury lamps to work. However, UV LEDs will eventually replace mercury lamps because their advantages are much greater than traditional mercury lamps!
1. Long life: The service life is more than 10 times that of the traditional mercury lamp curing machine, about 25,000~30,000 hours.
2. Cold light source, no heat radiation, low surface temperature rise of the illuminated product, solve the long-term thermal damage problem in optical communication and liquid crystal production. It is especially suitable for applications where liquid crystal edge sealing, film printing, etc. require a small temperature rise.
3. The calorific value is small, which can solve the problem that the mercury lamp printing equipment has a large amount of heat and is unbearable for the staff.
4. Instantly illuminate and achieve 100% power UV output without preheating.
5. The service life is not affected by the number of opening and closing.
6. High energy, stable light output, good uniform illumination effect, and improved production efficiency.
7. Customizable effective area can be customized from 20mm to 1000mm.
8. It does not contain mercury and does not produce ozone. It is a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional light source technology.
9. Low energy consumption, power consumption is only 10% of the traditional mercury lamp curing machine, which can save 90% of electricity.
10. The maintenance cost is almost zero. The UVLED curing equipment saves at least 10,000 yuan per unit of consumables per year.
UV LED curing lamp application field LEDUV curing lamp Scope: electronics, precision parts, magnetic heads, optical lenses, liquid crystal display panels, micro-motors, medical supplies, handicrafts, fiber optic connectors, LCD, LCD, motor, hard disk and other emerging fields A wide range of applications. Or use with automatic or manual dispensers. It is a replacement product of the traditional fiber optic high-pressure mercury lamp point light source machine.