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UV led application spectrum-TaoYuan UV LED

UV LED cold light source curing machine is a new generation of energy-saving and environmental protection products. Its main role is to cure coatings and coatings. It has been applied in many industries. Today, Tongtong Technology will tell you why so many manufacturers have changed mercury lamps to UV LED curing machines. What are the advantages of UV LED curing machines? What are the advantages of UV LED cold light source?
UV LED cold light source can be applied to heat-sensitive materials. Under the exposure of UV LED ultraviolet cold light source, the temperature difference on the product surface will not exceed 1 ?. Compared with high temperature and high pressure mercury lamps, the scope of application has been greatly expanded. The problem of high temperature has been solved before, and the product will not be damaged due to the high temperature of the product. It avoids high temperature torture, makes it easy to accept, and does not produce harmful and unpleasant gases such as ozone.
The efficiency of UV LED curing machines is also very high. The energy of the UVLED curing machine can be 100% output, and 100% of the energy is used to cure the light curing resin. 100% output 100% utilization rate, of course, the efficiency of curing is the fastest. For the traditional curing time of ten minutes, tens of minutes or even a few days, UVLED can achieve curing effect in seconds, and the curing quality is also excellent. Quick and good is the interpretation given by UV LED.
Of course, there are many advantages of UV LED cold light sources, including energy saving, long life, and environmental protection. If you have questions about UV LED curing machine, UVTaoYuan provides technical services.