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UV LED light curing science-TAOYUAN UV LED


UV LED curing ink characteristics:
UV LED ink must be cured by UV light, otherwise it cannot be used. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, the photoinitiator absorbs energy to generate free radicals. The free radicals collide with resin and monomolecular compounds under high-speed activity, and transfer energy to the resin and monomolecular compounds. After the resin and monomolecular compounds absorb energy Excite polymers and atomic group monomers containing polymerizable unsaturated double bond atomic groups, namely resins and monomolecular compounds. They open the double bond and start the cross-linking reaction, that is, cross-linking and curing. The photoinitiator loses energy and then restores to its original state. status. In the use of UV LED ink, the first adhesion problem encountered is that the UV LED ink does not have deep curing. As far as the light curing equipment is concerned, the reason may be that the UV LED curing equipment has malfunctioned, that is, the wavelength range of the UV LED curing equipment does not match the UV LED ink, or the light curing power is not enough, or the light curing speed is not appropriate. Can not meet the three elements of UV LED light curing.
1. The UV LED light-solid spectral sensitivity range required by UV LED ink is between 360-420NM in wavelength.
2. The power of the UV LED lamp must meet the process requirements for UV LED ink curing.
3. Curing speed: The method of choosing the best curing speed: first cure with a UV LED curing machine at a certain speed, and if it is cured, adjust the curing speed to increase the curing speed until the ink layer passing through the curing machine cannot be cured. At this time, the best curing speed can be determined, that is, the best curing speed: the speed at which it cannot be cured at the beginning × 0.8.
4. The influence of ink thickness. If the ink is too thick, it will affect the curing effect. All the factors that affect the thickness of the printed film will affect the curing effect. Unlike offset printing inks, the factors that affect the thickness of the film are: screen mesh, tension, photosensitive glue Thickness, squeegee hardness, sharpness of squeegee blade, squeegee angle, squeegee speed, pressure, etc.
5. The influence of climate: the temperature is high, the viscosity of the UV LED ink becomes lower, and the phenomenon of hairy teeth and paste plate is easy to occur after printing. The low temperature and high viscosity affect the thixotropy of the ink, and it is easy to produce bubbles and incomplete curing. Therefore, it is required that the ink should be refrigerated in summer, and the temperature of the screen printing workshop should not be too high. Slow down the curing speed appropriately.
6. The effect of pigments on UV LED inks: due to the difference in light absorption and reflection of various pigments and the content of pigments in the ink. Generally speaking, white, black, red, and yellow are more difficult to cure, blue, green, varnish, Transparent oil is easy to solidify.

Advantages of UV LED curing light source:
As a new generation of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, UV LED cold light source curing machine is mainly used to cure paint coatings, and is currently used in many industries. What Taoyuan Optoelectronics wants to tell you today is why so many manufacturers have changed mercury lamps to UV LED curing machines. What are the advantages of UV LED curing machines? What are the advantages of UV LED cold light sources?
UV LED cold light source can be applied to heat-sensitive materials. Under the exposure of UV LED ultraviolet cold light source, the temperature difference on the surface of the product will not exceed 1°C. Compared with the mercury lamp of high temperature and high pressure, the scope of application has been expanded a lot. The problem of excessive temperature has been solved before, and the product will not be damaged due to the excessive temperature of the product. It avoids the torment of high temperature, makes it easy for people to accept, and does not produce harmful and unpleasant gases such as ozone.

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