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UV Energy Meter TY20UVV energy meter can simultaneously measure UV energy, UV intensity and temperature. For: The UV curing machine UV light energy UVLED of 395nm, intensity and temperature detector UVLED source of UV ultraviolet dryer, exposure machines, printing presses and other equipment UV intensity measurement and temperature measurement of 395nm
UV Energy Meter TY20 parameters
Instrument application: measuring the light intensity UVLED365,395nm source of energy, temperature
Spectral range: 340nm --- 420nm, instrument calibration source in 365,395nm
Power measurement range: 0 --- 20000mW / cm2
Power Resolution: 1mW / cm2
Energy measuring range: 0 --- 999999mJ / cm2
Energy Accuracy: ± 10%, ± 5% typical
Temperature measurement range: -55 ° C --- + 125 ° C
Sampling rate: 2048 times / second power data storage interval: 256 times / sec.
Temperature data storage interval: 16 times / sec
Recording cycle: 240 seconds
Instrument Power: 2 AAA alkaline batteries
Display: 240 * 160 dot matrix LCD
Instrument size: 120mm * thickness 13mm diameter Instrument Weight: 327g
UV Energy Meter Measurement and Considerations
Instrument probe receive window (in the back of the instrument) is on the ultraviolet light source.
When not in use, please press "POWER" key off.
Avoid contact with corrosive materials, away from humidity.
Please send it off into the special packaging for safekeeping.
Recommendations check period of one year, the company has standard light source to provide calibration services. (Boot interface has previous efficacy time display, Calibration: ****)
Due to changes in humidity UV probe is very sensitive, so save the environment is very important. When not using the instrument for a long time, be sure to save the instrument in a dry environment.

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