UV Integrator 140

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UV Integrator 140 Parameter :

Dimensions: Diameter 140 mm height 13 mm
Power supply: Lithium battery 3.6V
Weight: about 450g
Power consumption: about 10,000 hours (Lithiwn lithium battery)
Suitable equipment: UV UV drying machine, exposure machine and other related industries
Accuracy: ± 5%
Measuring range :0-5000mW / cm2
Energy display :0-999999mj / cm2 LCD
Measuring range :250-410nm (spectral wavelength)
Operating temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃ (using the factory temperature of 70 ℃ or less, on a conveyor belt temperature 120 ℃ less than 20 seconds)
UV Integrator 140 Precautions:
UV energy meter space is mainly used for low-purification equipment such as UV drying unit UV energy,
Do not look or look through refraction / reflection UV light,
Guarantee anywhere on the body are not subject to direct UV light.
UV drying equipment factory where dust, cleaning is sufficient.
UV Integrator 140 Installation / Operation
a. ON switch, the LCD (display) is displayed as zero.
b. The joulemeter exposure lamp light source placed in the vicinity, as far as possible aligned with its back light source (Figure joulemeter energy sensor on the back), exposure
Time to make an appropriate extension.
c. Until joulemeter measurements show on the display, for example, 1,000 (1000mj/cm2)
Germany Bell energy meter is a lot of foreign specify a UV energy meter.

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