3D Printing UV Curing System 385/395nm 420W 48V

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3D Printing UV Curing System 385/395nm 420W 48V Parameters:

Parameter Value
Wavelength 385/395nm
Product size 165x156.8x45.6mm
Emitting area size 165x20mm
Drive power 48V
Output intensity 10-12W/CM2
Light stability ±8 %/h
Power consumption Max. 420W
Cooling method Air cooling
Lifespan(L70) 12 Months
Operating temperature +5 ~ +40℃
Sotrage temperature -10 ~ +60℃
Operating environment humidity 20 ~ 80%
Storage environment humidity <80%
External signal connection On/Off , Dimming , Protection
Splicing mode Spliced available
Lamp head weight 1150g
UV LED curing System 395nm 420W product introduction:
1. No volatile organic solvent, UV inkjet printing with UV light curing, No toxic mercury and environment-friendly.
2. UV-LED curing systems without thermal radiation, UV-LED technology can significantly reduce the heat generated by the curing process, so make UV printing on thin plastic and other materials. 
3. As the UV light which UV-LED emitting can make inks curing immediately, saved the required drying time by other technologies, greatly improve the efficiency of production.
4. UV inkjet light source also has a range of advanced features and environmental protection, and compared to conventional metal halide lamp, UV LED light source can save 2 / 3 of the energy; service life can be achieved 25000-30000 hours. LED chip life is five times than that of traditional UV lamps. UV LED light without preheating can be turned on or off as needed at any time, life without opening and closing times affect.
5. LED curing technology can reduce the curing process of the "two-way drag zone" phenomenon, generally speaking, LED curing technology can not only simplify the printing process, and make those who do not have the screen printing knowledge of end users are the ideal printing effect.
6. Applicable to a variety of substrates: flexible or rigid, absorbent or non-absorbent material absorbable.
7. UV LED curing inkjet printing can have rich colors and fine resolution, UV LED curing systems also reduce energy consumption.
Product positioning is economical and practical. The product is designed as a small air-cooled UV LED curing product.
UVTaoYuan uses LED technology for UV curing and uses the most advanced heat dissipation and curing technology to provide customers with the best curing solution.
The product is designed to integrate air-cooled small uv led curing machine, which saves space and power system drive universal design. Customers are more convenient to use.
Provides detailed product specifications.
UV LED Curing Line Source 395nm 200W - Click Image to Close  UV LED Curing Lamp Source 395nm 200W - Click Image to Close  UV LED Curing Line Source 395nm 100W - Click Image to Close
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