UV LED Lamp 3mm 395nm

  • Model: TY-3mm-395nm
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UV LED Lamp 3mm 390-400nm widely used in medical equipment, instrumentation, fluorescent reflective, UV glue curing, special lighting. Model: 3AP4UTOO. Categories: line, long-legged. Packaging materials: resin package. Current: 20MA.

UV LED Lamp 3mm 390-400nm parameter table:
Part Number Emitted Color Vf(v) IF=20mA
Lens-Color Wave Length(nm) Luminous Intensity
Angle 2θ
3BR3UC Red 1.80-2.20 Water Clear 625-630 4000-7000 30
3BY3UC Yellow 1.80-2.20 Water Clear 585-595 4000-7000 30
3BO3UC Orange 1.80-2.20 Water Clear 600-610 4000-7000 30
3BB4SC Blue 3.00-3.80 Water Clear 460-475 4000-7000 30
3BG4UC Green 3.00-3.80 Water Clear 510-530 6000-10000 30
3PPLSC Purple             4.00-4.20 Water Clear 390-400   30

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