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UV LED Sanitizer

Deep Ultraviolet LED Toothbrush Sanitizer:Up till now, all portable toothbrush sanitizers use mercury lamp technology or its variants as the germicidal light source, while the new UVC LED Toothbrush Sanitizer developed by Qingdao Jason Electric Co. uses the most advanced AlGaN semiconductor technology to make UVC light chips. The new product’s advantages are:
The World`s First Deep Ultraviolet LED Toothbrush Sanitizer
 High germicidal UVC intensity, achieves 99.9% kill of most bacteria found on toothbrushes in 2 minutes, while cold cathode mercury lamps need 6-8 minutes;
 Requires only 0.3W electrical drive, compared to 3W typical for comparable mercury bulb;
 Instant ON, no delay in reaching peak output, while mercury lamps takes one or two minutes to stabilize;
 Rapid ON/OFF cycles do not impact device lifetime;
 Environmentally friendly and no worry of a broken tube causing mercury leak.
 Product has passed RoHS certification, and contains no Hg, Cd, Br, Pb that may harm the environment.
1)Load two AAA batteries into the battery chamber;
2) Put toothbrush inside the sanitizer, bristles facing the LEDs;
3) Close the cover, disinfection process starts in 8 seconds;
4) Disinfection process completes in 120 seconds after start;
5) After a few weeks of use, remove the water tray inside the sanitizer and thoroughly rinse it, then put it back in place.
A) For user safety, attempting to open the sanitizer cover during disinfection process will disengage the interlock, the LEDs will extinguish. The disinfection process will restart once the cover is closed again.
B) Do not immerse the product in water or other solvents;
C) Do not mix new and old batteries;
D) This is not a toy, do not let young children play with it.
Deep Ultraviolet LED Toothbrush Sanitizer    UV LED Sanitizer

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