UV Germicidal Lamp 254nm 12V 3W

  • Model: TY-E17-254nm-12V-3W
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UV Germicidal Lamp 254nm E17 12V 3W Features:
More of quartz glass ,classified to ozone and without ozone ;
Connect into main wire vollage 220V/50Hz or 120V/60Hz with
incandescent lamp or special made capacitor ,no need of ballast;
Switch on-off up to 20,000 times.
UV Germicidal Lamp 254nm E17 12V 3W applications:
Mini size ,more compact ,sultable asing in electrical appliances such
as refrigerates ,sterilization cabinet, microwave oven and so on.
254nm :UVdensity of 254nm
3cm  >450μw/cm2

Workding principle of U V lam p
Ultraviolet lamps produce 254nm & 185nm Uvrays due to low pressure mercury vapor,as fluorecent lamps and energy saving lamps do. The glass of fluorecent and energy saving lamps is regular,which can’t radiate outside ,but absorablr to phorsphor
then change to visual.Ultraviolet lamps use quartz glass or special glass that uv rays.
Principle and Characteristic for germ icidal Function
254nm UV rays is readily absorbable to cell,(seetable 1),destroy genome DNA and kill bacteria ,so called Bactercide lamps.
Killbacteria and virus in a very short tima. Please see chart 1.Physical disinfection,no second time pollution.

UV Germicidal Lamp 254nm 12V 3W - Click Image to Close UV Germicidal Lamp 254nm 15W - Click Image to Close

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