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Deep Ultraviolet LED Sterilizer:
Up till now, all sterilizers use mercury lamp technology or its variants as the germicidal light source, while the new Deep Ultraviolet LED Sterilizer developed by . uses the most advanced AlGaN semiconductor technology to make UVC light chips.
The Advantages of the Portable UVC LED Sterilizer:
The Portable Sterilizer employs an advanced AlGaN multiple quantum well solid state light source produced, The light source is composed of a single module with 3 semiconductor chips. Two chips emit at the germicidal UVC wavelength (280nm) which is nearly invisible to the human eye, while another chip emits at the visible 395nm UVA range, that also serves as an indicator lamp.
Sterilization Function: When a button is pressed, the sterilizer will be lit for 60 seconds, during which time you may disinfect objects such as chopsticks, the rim of the drinking glass or spoons in a restaurant. Use a sweeping motion, and keep the sterilizer as close to the object being disinfected as possible. You may want to disinfect the object several times. The battery, when fully charged, allows at least 30 times (30 minutes). The UVC intensity is about 130 uW/cm2 at 1 cm distance.
Currency-detecting function: the UV of the sterilizer also can be used to test a the products with fluorescent and anti-fake watermark , such as currency, fake, copycat mobile phone, invoice and Brand Name tobacco and alcohol, etc.
Memory function: 4Gb8Gb USB thumb drive, and the USB port also serves as the means to recharge the battery for the LED module.
Principles of UVC Sterilization:
After the discovery of DNA, a detailed scientific understanding of the mechanism of UVC rays against pathogens has emerged. A full description is beyond the scope of this information flyer, but in short, UVC photons carry enough energy to cause the dimerization of DNA or RNA molecules that nearly all pathogens depend on for reproduction, and therefore prevent the successful replication of pathogens. UVC sterilization technology has come a long way since Niels Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1903 for his discovery that the UV rays from the sun can cause the destruction of the stubborn Mycobacterium Tuberculosis which causes the TB. However, mercury lamp is still the dominant UVC light source up till now. With the development of advanced AlGaN semiconductor technology in the 21st centaury, now we have a new, universal weapon in the fight against all kinds of pathogens that threaten the health of mankind.
Can be used in various situations:
Can be used to sterilize bowl, chopsticks, spoon and cup mouth in public restaurants; and to sterilize the mobile phone, Keyboard.
Deep ultraviolet portable LED sterilizer        UVC LED Sterilizer

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