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3W UV LED 400-405nm

1. 3W UV LED 400-405nm Product parameter table:

Part Number

Emitted Color Voltage Vf(V) Lens-Color Wave Length(nm) Power Output
Angle 2θ
TY-UV1A-P Purple 3.0-3.4V Water Clear




2. 3W UV LED 400-405nm pecifications:
a.Emitting Colour: Ultra Violet
b.Color Wave Length: 405-410nm
c.Reverse Voltage: 5.0 V
d.DC Forward Voltage: Typical: 3.6V Max: 3.8V
e.DC Forward Current: 600mA
f.Luminous Intensity: 330mW
g.Viewing Angle: 120°
h.Lead Soldering Temp:260°C for 5 seconds.
i.Intensely Bright.
3. 3W UV LED 400-405nm Product Mechanical Dimensions.

4.LED UV 400-405nm Note:

a.Do not touch the LED, or will affect the normal light-emitting devices
b.Power devices must confirm the positive and negative, reversing polarity may damage the device
c.Strictly operate in accordance with electrical parameters, too high voltage may damage the device
d.DUV LED status should be avoided close observation with the naked eye.

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