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Why is there such a high UV lamp temperature superposition-LED TaoYuan

Mostly domestic mercury UV lamp, shell material is quartz glass, a good characteristic of this glass is separated through ultraviolet infrared. However, because the quartz glass is very thin, only 0.3MM, so the effect of the infrared cut is not very significant. UV lamp is working full spectrum emitted radiation, i.e. infrared, visible light, ultraviolet light are simultaneously present. The infrared has a strong thermal effect, which leads to sharp increase in temperature in the UV region. Simply relying on thick quartz glass to ensure the effect of poor temperature UV region, once a domestic manufacturer specializing purchased a piece of quartz glass is installed on the UV lamp, resulting Germany imported aluminum reflector melting UV damage. To avoid the intermediate layer is too thick, or the other hand, effectively reducing the infrared reduce heat, the following must be done. 
First, to ensure the effectiveness of the cooling section, it needs to add a dedicated exhaust air transfer device so that it can heat dissipated in a timely manner to ensure that product at a lower temperature UV curing. The state is usually the best UV products can be reduced to below 40 degrees before. 
  The second is to ensure there is a smooth UV segment ventilation system, UV lamps are installed in each exhaust pipe, because the UV lamp during normal operation is the biggest source of heat, must promptly take away the heat dissipated. Meanwhile, in order not to make the line body airflow turbulence, but also complement exhaust air volume, so the need to layout blowing device. More common practice is a top-line body arranged exhaust link UV lamp, the bottom line is also arranged an exhaust side of the body, one is cooling, on the other hand is to maintain the cleanliness of the UV chamber. Air supply line arranged on top body, then using a non-heated natural wind, in order to facilitate a timely manner to cool overheated area. 
  Furthermore, the use of a light emitting body UVLED, UVLED is a pure UV light source and the work process does not produce the infrared, visible light, stray light, etc., is largely reduced so that the heat of the light, there is the UVLED chip a single band was a single band of ultraviolet light, although the overall capacity of a high pressure mercury lamp baa (add different wavelengths of light, high energy, high power consumption), but only a single wavelength optical power source tenth UVLED even less. So UVLED light, reducing heat while improving the energy is an irreplaceable source of UV curing.

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