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UV Phototherapy Instrument 310nm Features:
 UVB excimer photoelectric revolutionary patented technology, a small area of ​​light therapy the best choice. The world's first excimer smallest home UVB light skin disease therapy device.
 Featured excimer light centralized high-energy radiation, enhance the therapeutic effect, control symptoms, treatment targeting formula to achieve the desired therapeutic effect.
 Cold light output, safe and comfortable. Children and adults with long-term use is safe, there is no risk of skin cancer.
 Life expectancy is five times the normal handheld UVB lamp dermatology instrument. Home treatment costs much lower than the clinic for treatment.
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 High-strength lithium battery charging, standby time week handheld design, easy to use arbitrary enjoy comfortable illumination.
 Preset energy, minimal erythema dose, time three options operating mode.
UVB light therapy device 310nm semiconductor excimer light therapy device using the latest UV excimer technology, vitiligo, psoriasis, psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases, and provide a good effect.
 Excimer UV technology selected to produce the best effect of Dermatology band UVB therapy in the treatment effectiveness, product life and product portability there is no analogy advantage.
TY-310H to take home skin treatment, treatment of vitiligo psoriasis anywhere.
Clinically proven to be the best band 310nm treatment of vitiligo, psoriasis, psoriasis, and eczema and other skin diseases. Excimer light emitted is close to the single wavelength 310nm laser, while ordinary UVB spectrum emitted light is 310nm comprising a composite of. Single-wavelength light more efficiently into play. An important factor in determining the efficacy is how to efficiently focus light skin lesion tissue. In UVB phototherapy, the skin is exposed to UVB, the normal skin is not acceptable illumination, accuracy is very important and therefore the light irradiation, accurate focusing light irradiation and high efficiency is a major feature of this product, which means that treatment effectiveness, good treatment and a short exposure time. In addition, LUV excimer light belong to cold, it does not focus a lot of heat on the skin, greatly reducing the side effects, which means safe and comfortable treatment. Finally, because the life of the excimer ultraviolet technology products increased significantly, which means reducing the cost of the patient.
UV Beauty Instrument‎‎ Technical Data
Power: 100-240VAC, 50 / 60Hz
Lithium battery: D.C.3.7V, 2200mAh
Electric power: 1.5W
Treatment area: ≥95mm2
Equipment Size: 207mm × 35mm × 35mm
Weight: 0.2KG
Provides detailed product specifications.

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