UVC LED Light Source Customized For 265nm

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1.UVC LED Light Source Customized For 265nm parameters 10mW:

Applicable wavelength:mm



Forward Current,(CW-DC)  mA



Power Range:mW

120° 10mW

120° 15-20mW

A single light-emitting angle: degrees:



Operating,ambient temperature: °C



Storage Temperature: °C



Light-emitting surface L W H:mm


14 、14、1.5/2

1. Analytic Uses
Material Science UsesBiology-Related User
UV Light Cautions
2. High intensity ultraviolet radiation is emitted during UVC LED operation.
Precautions must be taken to avoid looking directly at the UV light without the use of
UV light protective glasses. Do not look directly at the emitting side of the LED or at the
LED’s lens when LED is operational. Always wear eye protection during DUV LED
operation. Gloves are also recommended when working in close proximity to the UVC LEDs in operation.
3. UVLED Handling Precautions
Be extremely careful when handling the UV light source. NEVER touch front surface of head of the flashlight unit which might lead to breakage of cover glass and
damage UVLEDs inside, or contaminated by oil on bare hand.
 Avoid dropping the equioment and violent impact.
The UV light source should be kept at 50 o C or less and 50% RH or less (The flashlightis non-hermetically sealed design).
5. Static Electricity
The UVLEDs are electrostatic discharge (ESD) sensitive, surge voltages during static discharge may seriously damage the UVLEDs. Precautions must be taken against ESD when handling or operating the UVLEDs, especially during dry, cold seasons.
All tools connected to UV light source must be ESD proof. Metal tables, wrist cords and anti-ESD gloves are highly recommended.
6. Cleaning
The flashlight should not be cleaned, washed or soaked in water or solvent Do not clean the flashlight ultrasonically. When it is absolutely necessary, medical gauze with alcohol can be used to wipe window of flashlight.

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