UVC LED Portable Light 265-275nm 1000mW/cm2

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1. UVC LED Portable Light 265-275nm 50W Parameters:

Model TY-2020 Battery DC25V lithium battery
Material ABS Ligthing Distance 10-100mm
LED Chip UVC Chips Working Time About 60  minutes
UV Power 1000-1200 mW/cm2 Product Size 204x120x61m
Power 50W Product Weight 670g

2. Handheld UV LED 265-275nm 1200mW/cm2 product description:
1. Concentrated light output: 4x4cm  area.
2. Highest strength of its kind: up to 1200mW/cm2.
3. Light weight, durability, high reliability.
4. Effectively through manual rapid surface illuminated.
5. Reflection focusing improves the light output.
6. The most effective band is 265-280nm.
7. 60 minutes of continuous work.
3. Handheld UV LED 265-275nm 1200mW/cm2 Application:
Hand-held UV LED
Surface of household products
Medical devices
Facilities public areas 
4.Principles of UVC LED: Break the DNA Structures

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UV LED Handheld Lamp-50W - Click Image to Close Portable UV Light Sanitizer 265-275nm 1W/cm2 - Click Image to Close
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