Industry Terms

Luminous flux: the amount of light of visible light emitted per second and, simple as that light volume. Unit: lumen (Lm)

Illuminance: the luminous flux incident per unit area, which is the luminous flux obtained by dividing the area value. Unit: lux (Lux)

Light intensity: Symbol I, unit candela cd, that luminous body in a specific direction within a unit solid angle of the luminous flux emitted

Color temperature: the absolute temperature expressed in K, is about a standard black body heated to a certain degree temperature started by the dark red color - light red - orange - white - blue, gradually changing the color of a light source and the same black body, we the absolute temperature of the blackbody was known as the light source color temperature. Following in the 3000K color temperature, light red color cast, gives a warm feeling: the color temperature more than 6000K, bluish light color, giving the feeling of cold; color temperature of about 4000K, in this tone, the non-visual psychological effect particularly evident , so called "neutral" color temperature.

Color: light color rendering of the object itself is called the degree of color, that is, the degree of color fidelity, color on the color of the light source of high performance better, we have seen is close to natural color, the color low-light performance is poor on the color, the color we see bias as well. International Commission on Illumination CIE color rendering index of the sun to set at 100, various color rendering index of different, such as: high pressure sodium color-rendering index Ra = 23, fluorescent color-rendering index Ra = 60-90.

 Optical efficiency: an important indicator to measure light energy is emitted luminous flux divided by the light source the power consumed. Unit: lm / W (Lm / w)

 Glare: high brightness within the field of vision or strong contrast on the object, it can cause visual discomfort as glare. Disabling glare into the uncomfortable glare and glare. Glare is an important factor in the quality of lighting.

 Electromagnetic interference: gas discharge lamp ballasts in use, will be through radiation, conduction, etc. to the surrounding electrical interference.

Electromagnetic noise: may cause abnormal electrical work around or even out of control.

Life expectancy: 50% of the damage of time.

 Economic life: Unit: hours, indicating that the lamp at the same time considering the damage and the beam output attenuation conditions, the integrated beam output reduced to a specific number of hours. This ratio is used as seventy percent outdoor lighting for indoor lighting such as fluorescent lamps, compared with eighty percent.

 Brightness and contrast: The Object and the difference between the background brightness ratio and the background brightness, contrast of the object visibility. Contrast large objects easily observed, and in the visual sense of excitement generated close.

Brightness: Symbol L, unit off Nigeria cd/m2, that luminous body in a specific direction within a unit solid angle per unit area of flux.

LED: LED is light emitting diode, the acronym for light-emitting diodes, called LED. It is a semiconductor light-emitting diode by controlling the display to display text, graphics, images, animations, quotes, video, video signals and other information display screen.

 LED modules: LED arranged in a matrix or strokes, pre-cast into a standard-sized modules. Commonly used 8X8 dot matrix module (there are 64 × 1 monochrome only or a 64 × 2 dual-color LED peace
), 8 the word seven segment digital module.

Lighting efficiency: lighting efficiency (also called light output coefficient) is a measure of the importance of lighting energy efficiency standards for use, it is the light output of light energy and light within the light output ratio between the light energy.

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