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Tao Yuan Electronics (HK) Co., Ltd. specializing in equipment sales of a full range of LED optoelectronic products. LED pool plant materials, LED optoelectronic devices, LED lighting, LED display applications in areas such as the advantages of resources and senior IT professionals to research, manufacture, promote new energy-efficient LED lighting for office, and constantly create new technology LED technology is electric light the twenty-first century scientific and technological development of advanced on behalf of the direction. The company is located in beautiful Pearl River Delta - Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

Since the plant since 1997, after years of unremitting efforts, continue to grow. The company has established a number of national and large-scale factory production base, sales network all over the world. Group Tatsu nearly the total number of people, and bring together professionals across the country. Company annual production capacity of light-emitting diodes, dot matrix, digital control, clock plate number 10000000000. In recent years, companies to invest hundreds of millions of dollars into fully automated production lines. Enhance the degree of automation of production, and promote more rapid steady forward.

Factories adopted the certification and the certification system in strict accordance with the requirements of operation, the production of the full range of LED products, are low power, the attenuation of small, high brightness, long life, resistant to vibration, reliability, and showed clear induction the advantages of rapid and widely used in display images, symbols and figures of all walks of life.

Photoelectric source tao pursuing a "customer first, customer first" principle of service, reasonable price, prompt delivery, quality assurance, and other advantages of range, a solid traditional industries, while continuing to develop high-tech fields, and strive to realize the Group operation. Warmly welcome domestic and foreign businessmen came to discuss business, to join hands in creating a better tomorrow.

LED UV 365nm 3W        High power LED 50W      UV LED 375nm

                         UV LED                                 LED 10W                UVLED                  LED 0.5W

LED 100W            LED 10W                 High power led 50w  

     led 100w                        led 10w                               led 50w

  LED 10W         LED 1W                  LED 30W

       LED 10W                      led   3w    led  1w                                  led  30w


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