UV Spot Light Source 365/385/395nm

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UV Spot Light Source 365/385/395nm Product Description
Spot Diameter 3mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm
Recommended Irradiation Distance 9mm 10mm 17mm 20mm 25mm 30mm
365nm Peak (Irradiation Intensity)  10000mW

UV Point Light Source Irradiation Head 365/385/395nm Applications
Research - photocatalysis, light excitation, photosynthesis and various scientific experiments. Optical Industry - cemented lens and lens groups, prisms, optical engine assembly; microscopes, endoscopes, infrared instrument, night vision equipment, the probe assembly. Optical communications industry - passive devices (various structural bonding or potting glass package tiny element fixed) bonding. Active devices (coaxial devices, laser collimator) bonding. Microelectronics and semiconductor industry -LEC liquid potting Pin FPC adhesively fixed, sensor production, handset components assembly, hard drive head assembly, motors and components assembly, components (capacitors, inductors, a variety of plug-ins, screws, chips, etc.) precision electronics manufacturing. Medical industry - a variety of catheters and instruments of precision adhesive bonding.

It's a quite simple plug and play device, it's very convenient to use.

UV Point Light Source Irradiation Head 365/395nm Product Description
Length of Spot Light: 84mm
Usage: connect the power supply and plug to use
Cooling: Nature / fan cooling
Net Weight: about 1000g ( with power supply and plug )
Wavelength: 365/395nm
Output current: 700mA/channel
Working temperature: 10℃~50℃
Storage temperature: -10℃~65℃
Relative humidity: Less than 80%

UV Spot Light Source 365/395nm - Click Image to Close UV Curing System Spotlight 420/405/395/385/365nm - Click Image to Close

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